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We in Exam Paper Hub believe in quality and hence all the papers you find here are of the best quality and easily accessible which you might not find anywhere in other websites.

We aim to cover all the possible exams and add their papers with answers without any irritating advertisements anywhere around.

We are a small team of just 2 members and are trying to get everything as perfect as possible and in case we fail to do so anywhere, we would appreciate if you can mail us the issues. Email id and other contact information can be found on Contact Us Page.

A small benefits listing if you use our website and maybe share it to your friends.

1. Our website has clean interface with search within the papers to make it easily accessible.
2. Our apps can also be found on different stores(not on app store - we are working on iOS app) for easy access to papers.
3. Ads are our only sources of revenue to cover the cost we have put on website but we believe in quality and hence you won't find any advertise on locations which might distrub your exam preparation flow.

Well rest is up to you users, share our website as much as you can and make us keep all the papers free and without irritating advertisements otherwise the day is not far enough when we might have to take the website down.